So, will coming on this course help me get a job?

Many chalet companies ask first-time staff to complete a chalet hosting course before they start their season. If you've been offered a job on the condition that you do a course, then we are perfect for you! Even if you have been offered an unconditional job, it's recommended to attend a course in order to hit the ground running, for both yourself and the company your working for!


...but don't worry if you haven't sorted a job yet! 

Here at Fresh Tracks we not only train you to be epic chalet hosts, we also offer tailored CV and cover letter sessions, and are partnered with some great companies to help you land your first winter season job:


We guarantee an interview with Ski World at the end of our training course if you meet their recruitment requirements. The interview will be either via Skype or face-to-face, on the last day of the course.

Powder White are another great company we guarantee you an interview with, upon successful completion of our course.


We have a close relationship with Mountain Heaven, who are on the look out for chalet hosts every year, and are another great company to work for, who we recommend suitable candidates to.

We're also partnered with Cool Ski Jobs, a recruitment website, who contact us directly to ask for recommendations when they are looking for chalet hosts. This is happening constantly from mid-June until the following winter has ended.



As well as the companies above, we are partnered with a number of different companies who contact us directly with their latest job opportunities, looking for student recommendations:



Fresh Tracks' CV Writing Kit to Land Your First Chalet Hosting Job

As we're sure you know, a good CV is vital to landing the right job - and that's as true for seasonal work as it is in the 'real world'.  We have put together our own "CV Writing Kit", to help you land your first chalet hosting job.

You can download it for £10 or, if you come on the course, it is included in the price of the course.

The guide is an A4 PDF document, which has 25 pages of content (31 page document including a cover, contents, and a message from us). Click below on the writing kit to take a peek inside...


Fresh Tracks' CV Writing Kit covers:

Step 1: Finding the right chalet host job for you. p5-8
Step 2: Focusing your CV on being a chalet host. p10-12
Step 3: Tailoring your chalet host CV to your strengths. p14-16
Step 4: Writing your chalet host CV to stand out. p17-20
Step 5: Laying out your chalet host CV. p21-24
Step 6: Customising your chalet host covering letter. p28-30



So what's the best way to get a chalet hosting job?

Chalet companies are looking for applicants who have the skills, knowledge, and experience which will make them fantastic chalet hosts. After completing our one week course, you will not only find yourself with a sound understanding and the ability to host a chalet, we will be able to put you in contact with some of the UK's leading chalet companies, armed with a fantastic CV and a wealth of experience and confidence.